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Caleb Gresser

Caleb Gresser


Hello Friends & Family

This letter is an informational letter for you. As you may have heard I have been led to missions with Circuit Riders, a YWAM (Youth With A Mission) affiliate. On September 28th, I will be headed for the west coast to Huntington Beach, California for the DTS (Discipleship Training School). This letter is geared towards fundraising, but I hope through this you hear my Heart and the passion I have for Jesus to be known.

On October 1st I will start my DTS that will go from Oct. 1st to December 15th. There I will learn knowledge in my track, in a classroom setting, which my track is evangelism. Evangelism is deeply rooted in my family on both sides, growing from my mother and father and his parents and my mom’s mother, and now onto me, that is where I received this deep love for evangelism. To spread the Love of Jesus, in my true heart is evangelism. During this time, we will focus on the communities we are in. Due to having holidays in the middle of school they have decided it would be beneficial to take a break from December 15th to January 3rd.

Once our break has completed, we will be traveling to the region we are called to which is where the missions will occur. The Mission behind Circuit Riders is geared towards Young Adults and so much of my heart is as well! We will be going to college campuses reaching young adults to Jesus Christ and building a relationship with God the Father. I will be on this mission from January to middle May where it’ll come to an end and head home! Being a young adult is such a precious time we have to be bold and live with fulfillment of Christ.

I am excited for this new journey that God has me on, trusting in him for everything including finances. If you feel led to come with me on this journey, then there a few ways you can do this. One please PRAY! Prayer is a huge part of my journey, also you can GIVE! Giving is also an important aspect too. The trip in total will cost $6,000, this includes all room, board, and travel expenses. I ask if you would consider prayerfully donating any funds to this mission! You can do a one-time donation or I have other friends/family doing monthly!


Caleb Gresser

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