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Carol Eliya

Carol Eliya



I’m Carol, born and raised around tons of Italian-Americans in New Jersey, USA, and now an American going to live amongst Italians in Pisa, Italy. I am working with a team from Youth With A Mission base in Kona, Hawaii to go into Pisa, Italy to start up a new YWAM base from the ground up. The heart is to be a part of a revival movement in Europe, sharing an authentic love of Jesus rooted in identity rather than religion, as well as to raise up / equip a new generation of Italian missionaries onto the mission-field (especially those from 18-24 years old).

The 3 core pillars of every YWAM base is Evangelism, Mercy Ministries and Training, so we will be going into Pisa to plant / water relationship seeds that will help us blossom into a flourishing mission-training and sending base in all those areas. We really sense that engaging with people through artistic mediums and Bible Education will have a major role to play, and those are the areas I personally sense a call towards. I specifically will be a part of helping to start and lead a 3-month Bible Core Course school there, and potentially an art-evangelism school in the future. There are a lot of unknowns ahead, but I know that am called to serve others through leadership, in whatever way that may look.

Statistics in Italy show that genuine faith in Jesus is at risk of dying out, as a counterfeit of following religious rules/ traditions for sake of good morality masks as an authentic faith in a living God. This is something that can be found all throughout Europe, despite it being a place where many people came to faith and went out to share it with the rest of the world from the beginning of the Jesus movement. We need others to join in a revival movement all throughout Europe, but especially in Italy where there is so much cultural influence and a richness of culture that only they can bring into the Kingdom of God! Some people are able to join the movement physically, and others are able to stand in the gap through prayer, or by bridging connections, offering up their gifting/ talents in some way/ shape or form, or through giving financially to individual missionaries or to organizations!

Of course I’d be honored to have your support as I commit to serve in planting the the foundations for a mission base in Pisa for at least the next two years. But my heart is for people to be engaged with the Lord’s call over their lives in whatever capacity that may look like for them…finances isn’t the only option. So if there’s any other way you’d like to be involved, please connect with me further!! Thank you so much for taking the time to considering supporting me as I head onto the Italian mission-field for the long-term.

“May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that through the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope” – Romans 13:15

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