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Chase Donaway-Corbin

Chase Donaway-Corbin


Hello everyone! My name is Chase Donaway-Corbin and I have a calling on my life to see the entirety of my generation in relationship with the Father.

For the past year and a half (January 2022) I have felt this sense, that when I would come home, I was not meant to stay in one place.

A Carry The Love team visited my college in March 2023 where I first felt the Lord tell me to go on missions with the Circuit Riders, which is why He led me to do the week long CR Summer School in June 2023. That is where God placed on my heart that I need to cultivate and grow in my calling with the Circuit Riders by getting trained by them through their DTS.

Who are the YWAM Circuit Riders? They are a group of fiery-eyed evangelists who are seeking to revive the saved. Then also cultivating that into discipleship training, so they can (and will) be Kingdom makers.

I believe the Lord will provide the funds with other like minded bond servants. I also believe the harvest is ripe and I’m asking if you would partner with me. In prayer and financially to see that Jesus will be magnified in His glory.


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