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Caleb Callahan

Caleb Callahan


Hi!! My name is Caleb Callahan and I'm a full time missionary with Circuit Riders a YWAM organization.

Our goal is to see 80 million people get saved by the Gospel of Jesus, and 200,000 missionaries sent to preach the Gospel. We are engaged in daily evangelism, and discipleship of Circuit Rider experience students.

I am also a core leader in a movement called Living Rooms where our goal is to create a space for the presence of God to dwell, and have people come and see Jesus rightly.

My personal, "Why", to what I do, is, I want to see people freed from the bondages of depression, addiction, anxiety, and dullness of life and launched into the calling that God has on their lives that is full of joy and freedom.

I am in need of financial support in order to continue living in Huntington Beach and leading this church house movement.


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