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Ben King

Ben King


Hi, my name is Ben King! I am with YWAM/Circuit riders based in Huntington Beach California.

Our goal is to inspire our generation to love like Jesus. And our mission statement is to Save the Lost, Revive the Saved and Train them all. I help with our International campaign called Carry the Love.

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We do events to spread the gospel to universities and high schools all around the world. And then in the summers, I help with leadership training schools called 21-Project.

More info at

I am also getting my degree online while I serve this nonprofit fulltime. I help organize events, lead teams and am a primary communicator on the Carry the Love tours. We believe that Love through the gospel of Jesus and what he did on the cross is the solution for this generation and on our 2020 tour, we saw 29,791 college and high school students gather. We saw 2171 students give their lives to Jesus and 374 people physically healed.


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