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Benjamin Habelt

Benjamin Habelt


Hi! I'm Ben Habelt, and I am currently serving YWAM (Youth With a Mission) Circuit Riders in Huntington Beach, CA as a full-time missionary!

Circuit Riders is a Christian mission and training community that launches movements to reach the next generation. Our passion is Jesus, our mission field is our generation and our opportunity is now.

I have decided to join staff for the next two years on Circuit Riders' Youth team. I have such a heart for the youth of my generation, and I want to see their lives genuinely changed by the love of Jesus! There are 15.1 million High School students in America and 24,000 Public High Schools, yet only 20% of High Schools have an active Christian group on campus. CR Youth's goal is to train and empower a generation ready for evangelism and mission to reach their High Schools with the Gospel!

Practically, this will look like:

1. Training and empowering students to start Jesus Clubs on their campus.

2. Providing ongoing mentoring and online content to fuel the spiritual growth of every High School student working to reach their campus.

3. Organizing an evangelistic and training gathering with students through Jesus Club tours.

4. Training and discipling High School students as evangelists through Riders Youth Camp.

Another large reason I have decided to become a full-time missionary is to prepare myself to go where I believe God has called me to: Hollywood. In 2021 I felt the Lord tell me that He wanted me to fill this incredibly dark industry with His light. There are very few Christians in Hollywood as it is, and many of the ones that are there are not outspoken about their faith. I believe I am called to speak identity over so many of those that have lost their identities, to show God's true love to those so encompassed with hate, and to prepare the way of the Lord, furthering the growth of His kingdom on earth.

I believe that having a community such as the Circuit Riders will have such an important impact on me for these specific reasons:

1. I will be covered in prayer and support.

2. I will be guided by mentorship that walks in integrity.

3. I will be practically trained to share the Gospel.

4. I will continue to learn how to minister to the heart of the Lord and keep my passion for Him and His mission alive.

Through prayer and consideration, would you be willing to support me through finances and prayer to help fulfill my Mission of reaching my generation?

Thank you!

Ben Habelt

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