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Brendan Gray

Brendan Gray


Hey everyone! My name is Brendan Gray and I am a missionary that is serving with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Kona, Hawaii.

As a little kid I had always wanted to go to the nations to do missions and so once I did my Discipleship Training School in Kona in 2018 I felt so empowered that this was a desire from God he had planted in me.

Since that time in 2018 I have been with YWAM Kona and have had the incredible opportunity to see so many young people sent all over the world to help bring the Kingdom of God to earth.

I am currently in the bible department serving with the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in Kona Hawaii. This school is a 9-month program where you will read through the bible 5 times using a different method of studying it each time. The goal and heart of the school is to give you tools and a passion to study the word for yourself and from this time, get a greater hunger for his word than when you came in. I am with this school for the next year and from there would love to be launched into the nations to see the world impacted by the word of God.

Would you consider praying with me whether or not you would want to join in this with me financially?

Thank you so much!


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