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Adrian Weaver


My name is Adrian Weaver.

I am involved with Chazak Rescue where I am training to become a first responder in disaster relief. I grew up on the mission field and absolutely loved it!

My family lived in Africa from when I was 5 till I was 10 years old. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was 7. As I grow deeper in Him, it is my heart’s desire to see others become a part of the family of God. To be involved in full time mission work is very exciting for me, and I am looking forward to seeing God’s hand at work in the many places I will go.

Chazak is a Hebrew word meaning “warrior”. Chazak is an organization where they train and prepare people to become international first responders in disaster relief. Throughout the training program, cadets will earn a college degree while they learn a variety of search & rescue skills . The goal of the organization is to have a group of people who are Christlike and meet all the requirements to bring humanitarian aid, the hope of the Gospel, & the joy of Jesus to crisis areas. Disasters are striking all over the world and I want to be a light for Christ to people where chaos and destruction reign, spreading the joy of Jesus to those who are vulnerable in crisis areas.

Will you pray for me that I can be a light to the world and an example of Christ to those vulnerable in the midst of chaos and destruction? If you would like to learn more about Chazak Rescue, feel free to look them up on or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks! Adrian

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