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Audrey Vchulek

Audrey Vchulek


Hi! I am Audrey Vchulek, but my friends call me Auds!

I am  a full-time missionary with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Oral Bible Translation, based out of Kona, Hawaii, with a focus for the Pacific Islands! The heart of Oral Bible Translation is to empower mother tongue language speakers to be the ones translating the Bible into their own languages through serving the communities and facilitating translation groups!


I have now been with YWAM since January 2019, and God continues to bring me into a place of walking alongside the broken hearted, give a voice to the voiceless, and to believe for the least, last, and lost to be reached with His word. 

I believe that the Bible not being accessible to every person is one of the biggest injustices we are facing in the modern day, and that once every person can hear God in their own mother tongue, we will see revival. 

What's next for me: I am currently in Papua New Guinea, staffing an OBT school that will act as a gateway into the local communities to see translation projects started in 10 Bible-less languages! Later in this year, I am planning to return home for a few months, reconnect with family and friends, and then in October I will be joining the SBS in Kona, Hawaii, to be further equipped to serve in the area of Oral Bible Translation. 

Would you join me in prayer, that all would have God in their language?

I also am trusting to fundraise $1,000 more in monthly support before October, so that I can continue in the work God has called me to long term!


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