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Aisha Skye

My name is Aisha Skye and I am burning to see the 3rd Great Awakening in my day. I grew up with a Muslim dad and a loving single mother who had been really hurt by the Church. In 7th grade I heard the gospel for the first time through a student named Daniel in a math class, and I gave my life to the Lord!

Ten years later, the Lord is launching me into the Mission Field through a ministry called the Circuit Riders, to activate other young people across America to become Gospel-sharers just like one who changed my life so many years ago! Where the enemy has come to kill, steal, and destroy in my generation, I believe Jesus speaks a better word. He is raising up young people to be missionaries on their high school and college campuses, in the workforce, in families, and in every sphere of society.

I believe more than ever that now is the time to stand up in justice, righteousness, and truth, and to show the world the true love of Jesus. I am so honored and humbled that the Lord is using me in Circuit Riders, and I know that every believer has a part to play in the Great Commision unto revival in our day, and ultimately the return of our Savior! I am passionate to use my voice through messages, the creative arts, and media, to glorify the Lord and to give my generation practical biblical tools to grow in the knowledge of Christ and a missional lifestyle.

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