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Alicia Siira

Alicia Siira


Hi! I am Alicia Siira! I am a teacher by training, and I am excited to share that I am about to start full-time ministry in the Middle East. 

I traveled to this region for the first time earlier this Fall. However, God has highlighted this area to me for years! I am so thankful to have grown up exposed to glimpses of Middle Eastern culture as a result of my beautiful blended family background. The warmth, kindness and hospitality they showed me back in the States has been proven true time and time again during my time here so far! God is at work in this region - especially at this time. Hearts are hurting and there is good news of God’s love. The harvest is ready, and I’m happy to go! 

In the months to come, I will be working with a team of other believers whose hearts are on fire for the Lord and what He is doing in this part of the world. We will be evangelizing, teaching, and serving men, women and children here. I pray that everyone our team meets may experience the love of the one true living God- and I pray that someday they will get to know Him personally. 

I can’t do this alone, Christ is my strength! He is my Jehovah Jireh and He has lead me so faithfully through every step of this journey. I want to take a moment to express how deeply I value the incredible support of people like you! I wouldn’t be able to be in the region without your generosity! There are still millions of unreached people - especially here in the 10-40 window - who have yet to hear the truth and hope of the Gospel’s message. I see it as an honor to be able to help spread this news. 

Would you consider joining my support team?


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