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Austin & Shivani Schulz

Austin & Shivani Schulz



Austin & Shivani Schulz are currently full time missionaries in the Philippines with their daughter, Asia Rose Schulz.

They have been serving in full time missions since 2017 and believe that they are called to partner with the body of Christ to share the good news of the gospel and make a Kingdom Impact wherever they go.

In 2021, they pioneered a basketball & missions organization called Origins Basketball to use basketball as a tool to win men (and women) to Christ. Through this ministry they have been able to minister to those in prison, slums, college teams, professional players, and more. They continue to expand their reach on a global scale, humbly submitting to the Lord’s leadership, wisdom, and grace.

Austin and Shivani are a part of the global leadership team for Jesus.Net, a worldwide network of over 85 organizations that are engaged in online evangelism and discipleship. They also help oversee multiple global missions initiatives, including The Chosen Philippines (TV Series).

They have served in India, Indonesia, Nepal, The Caribbean, South Korea, & the Philippines as well as spent some time in The United States and Canada.

Austin & Shivani

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