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Amberlee Paro

Amberlee Paro


Hi friends:)

My name is Amberlee. God has blessed me with this amazing opportunity and I am so excited to share that in three months I will be heading to L.A in California this summer to help start a prayer house. The city of L.A has been laid on my heart since last year. I was there in September and I saw the hunger for Jesus. I saw God transforming peoples lives, heard crazy testimonies and saw people healed. The most important thing was how eager and quick they were to run to Jesus and it was the most beautiful thing to witness. California in general, has a lot happening behind the scenes. The biggest thing that God showed me is, yes, it’s a dark place but at the same time, God’s light shines so bright and He is calling back His children. 

Our heart for this prayer house is to bring the heart of prayer and worship to the local church by building resting places for the Lord. Our purpose for this is to minister to Him day and night and to sit at His feet. We want to give people space to come and worship Him throughout the week so we can be equipped and sent out. We want people to come back to the heart of the Father and His word. When we minister to the Lord, change starts to happen. For the city of L.A we’re praying for people to be radically transformed and set free from sin. We want to see revival in this city. We want to make His presence known. 

With that being said, being there for the summer I need to raise $5,000 for housing, food, gas, etc.I would love to ask you to partner with me through financial support and prayer!

If you’d like to commit to being a monthly supporter, or giving one time donation, please pray and ask the Lord about an amount and you can give here. Your support means so much to me. Every prayer is heard and cherished.

I am so excited to see what God is going to do this summer, I believe the Lord will provide for every need. Pray for the hearts in L.A that the Lord will soften hearts and open peoples eyes. Pray for safety for all of us that are going to be living in California this summer. Ultimately just pray for God’s presence to be known.

Thank you so much for all of the prayers and your giving. The Lord sees you.


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