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Aaron Lochridge

Aaron Lochridge


I am a missionary out here in the great state of Alaska.  My dream started when I was serving the homeless and ministering on the streets of Anchorage.  I found that after talking and praying with several indigenous natives, these people were stuck in Anchorage due to every type of abuse you could think of.  This broke my heart, especially when the Lord started bringing homeless native veterans for me to minister to and love on.  This was especially near to my heart, because I too am a combat veteran.  It took several months of loving them and Jesus showing me how to get past the racial barriers, but once the walls came down, Holy Spirit opened doors everywhere I went.  This led me to where I currently serve. 

The Lord showed me if I wanted to have an effect on the root of the problem, I would have to go to the source.  The source was the darkness that exists all over this state.  The drug, alcohol and other types of abuse are some of the highest rates and statistics found in the nation. Principalities and powers have reigned in this place for far too long!  The Lord showed me that it was time to act on this and take back ground for the Kingdom of Heaven! 


He led me to a team of people that consist of both whites and native Alaskans, and we all serve on a team that is known as Frontier Alaska Missions.  We go out to all the villages of Alaska to spread the gospel in teams of two or more.  

I am asking for ministry support due to the high cost of living here in Alaska.  The expenses for travel as well as room and board whilst in a village can be very costly.  Any help is greatly appreciated, and even if you are unable to give financially, your prayers are powerful and ALWAYS welcome!  

May the Lord bless each and everyone of you!


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