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Armando Garza

Armando Garza


What’s up! My name is Armando Noah Garza, but you can call me Mando for short. I have this amazing opportunity to join the Circuit Rider movement and be a part of a missions’ movement in America all about Saving the lost, Reviving the saved and training them all! So practically its just ALL ABOUT JESUS.

STORY TIME: It was the fall semester and I was attending a bible college called Christ for The Nations Institute and, at the time I was really discovering my identity and who God has wired me to be, so the person that God has wired me to be, is a “wild evangelist hipster dude” if someone were to describe me! Anyway, I was listening to a song by the name of “Isaiah 6 (here am I send me)” and I would play every now and then and jam out, it wasn’t until I went home for the holidays, locked myself and prayed “God send me.” It wasn’t until a few days later I looked through and saw a Circuit Rider post, looked through their profile, looked through website and watched the video they had on their, and I instantly said to myself “THIS IS ME, THIS IS MY BLOOD!!!” Those were my exact words!!!

I didn’t sign up right away I wanted to make sure I heard from the Lord first, and so I went back to school after the holidays, went into the house of prayer to really seek the Lord on what I felt like He was telling me about Circuit Riders! I closed my eyes and waited for a moment, and I got a clear vision of traffic at a crossroad and cars were flying by back and forth back and forth, until they stopped and I saw a green arrow pointing upward and I felt like the Lord was saying “Go” so I talked with as many as people as I could and there was just confirmation left and right. I signed up and now were here!!!

This is YOUR chance to be a part of GOD’S story line in my life, donate any amount you feel the Lord lay on your heart and it will go a long way!!!

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