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Ali Blockno

Ali Blockno


Hi friends! 

My name is Ali Blockno and I serve as a full-time missionary with Global Mercy Missions. From this, we have formed a group called Compassion to Action, whose mission is to travel the United States proclaiming the GOOD NEWS of Jesus with love and compassion! 

Through this mission, my team and I will be engaged in full-time missionary work that entails evangelism, hands on community service, heartfelt worship, and, most importantly, finding the lost and demonstrating to them the genuine love of a man named Jesus.

I'm asking anyone who feels led to join me in ensuring that I don't have to worry about money while traveling and serving the Lord, as I won't be able to work while I'm on the road due to being in full-time ministry! 

Thank you guys in advance for partnering with me! 

I am so grateful and so excited to go out and spread the GOOD NEWS!


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