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Alyssa Beach

Alyssa Beach


Hello!! I am Alyssa Beach, and God has given me a heart for Missions!

Growing up in a Christian household, what was sacred became common. Sunday, we would attend church, and every Wednesday, youth group. We paid tithe, partied at church picnics, and studied during the yearly conferences. However, I never knew God personally.

This last year, I paused my education to attend a Discipleship Training School through Youth With A Mission (YWAM), a non-profit organization centered on equipping and sending young adults into the mission field. There, I experienced God personally as both my King and my Father.

A fire was started!

As a student in the Mission Field, I saw healings, salvations, and revivals throughout Papua New Guinea. I am forever changed. I witnessed and experienced God's love for the people of Papua and myself. Now, I wish to share this radical love with the Nations!

My next step is with the University of the Nations through Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

In these next nine months, I will rigorously study the Bible alongside fellow missionaries with a heart for knowing God and making him known. This life-changing experience will grow my intimacy with God. The course will fill me with knowledge and understanding so I can pour into the nations.

Additionally, this course takes place in Taiwan, a country where only 2.5% of its citizens identify as Christian. The harvest in Taiwan is ripe! God is running after these people's hearts, and I am honored to receive the opportunity to join the race!

Partner with me, spiritually and financially, so that together, we can bring the Kingdom of Heaven into the Nations!


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