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Ann Archie

Ann Archie


Hey friends! My name is Ann Archie and I am stepping into full-time missions work on staff with Radiant School of Worship in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I spent an incredible year as a student with RSW and last year I was on staff part-time. 

Radiant School of Worship has the heart and motivation to raise up not only excellent musicians, but worship leaders who are intimate with Jesus Himself and lead from the secret place where they truly know Him. We equip our students to be emotionally and spiritually healthy leaders who we can send out to churches across the country and even across the globe, to fan into flame the fire of worship and prayer led by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. 

I will have the honor of being involved in keeping our classes running smoothly, taking care of necessary administrative tasks and assisting our teachers with whatever they need. I will also be the point person for our online program, and delegating tasks to our other class volunteers. Among these administrative tasks I will also have the opportunity to form deeper bonds with our onsite students this year. I will come alongside them as they grow this year through the difficult times and celebrate with them in the victories. I will be leading in the prayer room, an integral part of Radiant Church by both worship leading and prayer leading. Finally, I have the chance to be part of retreats and family nights where we dive deep with each other and the Lord in worship, teachings and spending time with one another. 

The past two years I have spent with RSW have been life-altering for me and I have never felt so close to Jesus or more clear about my identity and God-given calling on my life. 

As I take this step of obedience, would you partner with me to support Radiant School of Worship and our vision for these students? Whether that's financially, in prayer or both, I am humbled and honored by your encouragement and support of my stepping into full-time ministry to lead in this way.



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