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Mission Organization

Troika has been significantly shaped by my journey over the past twenty four years of ministry, business and philanthropy. Amidst my trekking I have noticed that three areas of unique impact are wired into my way of engaging the world: life coaching, creative communication to groups, and innovative media that educates. In a world with varied subcultures and much confusion and rhetoric; troika seeks to bring illumination and help individuals and organizations navigate their next steps of spiritual transformation.With twenty four years of experience in creative communication, life coaching, philanthropy, ministry and media; I am poised to leverage this skill set with individuals and organizations that desire change and transformation.

Three areas of focus will encompass troika.

life coaching & counseling for individuals in a variety of circumstances and life stages.

creative communication & teaching with organizations, churches, small groups & individuals.

development of trvrs website & media on world-views, science, social justice & politics.

The primary methodology for determining success will be context sensitive metrics that value the feedback of the organizations and individuals being served; as well as the excellence of content created for trvrs.

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