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Bob Norsworthy is the Founder and President of EquipNet International. Bob’s life work has been a rich hybrid that has seamlessly integrated both Faith Driven Global Missions and Business and Marketplace Ministry for nearly forty years.

Driven by a deep sense of calling, to see God’s name be known in all the Earth, Bob spent the first 20 years of his life serving as Regional Director, USA Vice President and then the Sr. Vice President of International Ministries for International Students, Inc., a ministry to young emerging world leaders in the University phase of their lives and worldview development.

Following that, Bob served for 18 years as the Executive Director of the Newman Family Foundation, a private philanthropic incubator, in the San Francisco Bay Area. From 2002 to 2008 Bob was a Business Consultant and Team Leader for Asia for The Institute for Innovation, Integration and Impact. He also co-founded Cumulus9 Technology in 2002 and Invisipipe, Corp., a technology company and distribution partner of Redline WiMax Technology of Toronto, Canada in 2006.

In August 2014, Bob became Founder and President, of UniSkript Research and Literacy Institute, a 501c3 Public Charity that began pioneering research studies with a number of universities such as Yale, Haskins Laboratories, BrainLens, of University of California San Francisco and Univeristy of Connecticut, of a new breakthrough literacy system called UniSkript, that brings rapid literacy to illiterate and sub-literate populations of people.  Pilot solutions were implemented under contract and in partnership with the Navajo Nation Government, to enhance literacy among the Navajo Nation schools and continues today.

More recently Bob has served in other start-ups as Co-Founder of SourceView Publishing, LLC and of Giving Joyfully, a Philanthropic funding organization.  He has served on the Advisory Boards of Corban University School of Business, the University of the Nations, and has served as a Board member for Powered By Action in Chicago.

In this season of life, after finishing and gaining a Certificate In High Trust Leader and Culture Development, with TrueFaced and a Level One and Two Certification in Trauma Based NarrativeTherapy from the Allender Center in Seattle, WA.,  Bob is now focusing his energies through EquipNet in mentoring, encouraging and coaching younger leaders to help them build strong identities and to help them succeed in having lasting impact through their life and mission.

Bob brings to EquipNet, a large network of business and ministry relationships in China, India, Asia, SE Asia and Africa from his extensive ministry, consulting, travels and work abroad.

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